Gifted Services

Gifted Services

The gifted program is available at Beazley for all grade levels. Referrals for the program can be made by teachers, parents, students, and other community members who feel that a child may need gifted services. Numerous criteria such as ability testing, achievement testing, characteristic checklists, grades, classroom products and honors are used to identify students. There are four (4) programs available at Beazley:

PACE (Program of Advanced and Creative Experiences) targets students who are generally intellectually gifted.

SAGE (Specific Academic Gifted Experience) targets students who are gifted in one or more academic areas.

SOAR (Studies of Advanced Reasoning) is designed to meet the needs of students whose outstanding performance in the classroom indicates their need for differentiated instruction.

KSOAR (Kindergarten Studies of Advanced Reasoning) is designed for kindergarten students who demonstrate advanced learning and some or all of the characteristics of gifted.

Beazley's gifted teacher is Mr. Pete Herzing.

The Director of PGCS Gifted Programs is Mr. Willie Elliot and can be reached at (w) 804-733-2700.

Long-Range Project Links

Follow the links for help with the long-range project:

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